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Origins of the Company

TrustView was established in August 2000. Following a complete and comprehensive reorganization in 2008, the company devoted itself into its current product market. At the time of its establishment, the company TrustView consisted of a group of institutional shareholders with forward looking views for the digital content market and an R&D team headed by National Taiwan University Professor Lin I-Peng. In its early years, the company is the main provider of Taiwan’s e-book exchange platform, taking over more than 95-percent of the e-book market.

Growth and Development

Boasting a strong background with cutting-edge digital rights management (DRM) technologies, TrustView has further expanded to become a self-owned brand of Taiwan and a domestic security software company with independent R&D capabilities. With a focus in the field of data protection, the company holds over 20 DRM/DLP data protection-related patents in Taiwan, Japan, and China. Currently, there are over thousands of businesses and public sector customers in Taiwan, Japan, and China that uses TrustView products to build their respective data protection system.

Competitive Advantages

The team at TrustView conducts in-depth R&D on technologies related with DRM/Area DLP data protection. It has accumulated many years of experience in helping customers and clients implement these technologies. The company continues to develop document security management and control technologies that can be applied to different types of document format files, design drawing files, web pages, and source code data. Through the commercialization of its DRM/Area DLP technologies, TrustView has become the choice for over thousands of domestic and foreign enterprises, as well as government agencies, in constructing their respective data protection and document security management and control system. Therefore, the company has the competitive advantage in the market thanks to its professional team, patents, technologies, and customer base.

Product Differentiation

In recent years, TrustView continues to devote itself into the R&D of data protection product. By utilizing virtual physical isolation technology, the company has been able to achieve the differentiation of data protection products by providing protection mechanism for original file and original program through virtual disk area protection mechanism. This approach protects documents, picture files, web page contents, source code, and other important data from leaks. It also utilizes the characteristics of virtual disk area as a means to protect important files in its proactive defense against ransomwares, helping to avoid the dire situation of important files being encrypted and held for ransom.

Outlooks for the Future

TrustView is currently working on the development of VDP virtual physical isolation technology. In addition to its potentials in the data leak prevention market, VDP applications can also be targeted at customers with needs for protection against ransomwares. VDP boasts product characteristics such as no need for API integration and application system, as well as enabling direct protection of the server with the files. Also, the VDP data protection mechanism can be extended from Windows platform to cover mobile device platform (Android/iOS), allowing for it to be promoted to more customers and market by working with application system companies. In the future, we seek to accumulate the use experience of VDP enterprise level software and, by using Taiwan market as an experimental field, replicate the successful promotion experience of VDP to overseas market which includes Japan and the United States. In the future, these overseas markets will play important roles to help TrustView see further growth and development.

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