The data leak prevention system with the largest number of users in the industry

Security application for corporate data emphasizing “from within to without”

TrustView a software security company, is a self-owned brand of Taiwan with a long history.

The company specializes in the field of data protection, emphasizing both independent and innovative R&D.

TrustView currently possesses 22 technology patents in related areas,

with a cumulative customer base exceeding over 1,000 companies and businesses!

Preventing corporate data leak internally; fending off ransomware attacks externally;

supporting PC/NB local end device usage within the borders;

and expanding the support to the usage of mobile devices beyond the borders.

Develop Core Technology for Data Leak Prevention Allowing In-depth Integration with the Client’s Industry

Area DLP 【Data Loss Prevention】

The “Area DLP” virtual disk protection is an information security product specifically targeting the manufacturing industry (CAD) and IC design industry (Source Code), meeting the multi-format, multi-system, and multiple use scenario demands of their respective R&D units. The protective measures emphasize original files, original application programs, and original operation methods.

The advantages of area dlp virtual disk protection mechanism

  • Improved protection effectiveness; defense is wait-free
  • Files will not be damaged, and not limited by file format
  • Supports real-time collaborative operations, application program saved and loaded online
  • No change of Client Agent needed for application program upgrades

External DRM 【Document Right Management】

DRM document right management mechanism integrates the concept of a “virtual isolation safe” to protect the company’s intellectual property assets during the processes of transmission, sharing, and collaborative operations with external upstream and downstream partners through control and management of reading, printing, saving, and writing of files. All operation records will be reported to the company so you can rest assured.

VDP (Virtual Disk Protection)

Comprehensive Protection for Internal Documents

The fifth dimension of corporate data security; the pioneer of virtual isolation technology

We offer a complete solution to the security needs of the company for its various internal documents, especially R&D design files with unique formats or program files which might be damaged due to file encryption by employing our proprietary virtual encryption and isolation technology.

  • Internally, the scope of protection spans independently developed application programs such as R&D CAD picture files, source code, and webpage contents.
  • Externally, the data located within the secure isolation area are immune to the attack of ransomwares, ensuring the usability of the data.
  • File and application program access control and management by using the secure isolation area as a basis.
  • Adopt the cutting-edge Area DLP virtual isolation technology to free itself from the constraints of file encryption

ODP (Outgoing Document Protection)

Comprehensive Protection for Outgoing Documents

Ensuring the safety of the outgoing documents in the age of collaborative operation

Completely resolves the fear of inability to control and management corporate files which have been dispatched or circulated to external sources. In addition to administering access control and management of external users, all file operation records will be transmitted back to the company

  • Provides various formats for outgoing files. No matter where the files go, the protection function will ensure that the security features will follow them.
  • Rich and diverse choice for use environment, providing 4 use modes – installed version, portable version, online mode, and offline mode.
  • Implements access management and control for reading, printing, saving, and writing options by using ODP encrypted file which underwent encapsulation and encryption as the basis.
  • External DRM electronic document safe security provides online dynamic access configuration function, ensuring that outgoing documents can be recalled.

Preventing data leaks is a daunting challenge in practice for enterprises.

There are numerous benefits that come with the digitization of company files. However, when it comes to the issue of preventing data leaks, we often mourn the loss of the good old days where all you need to do is to put a piece of paper, a book, or a pile of documents into the safe and watch over them. Electronic data is extremely easy to circulate, making it extremely difficult for companies to strike a balance between data security and convenience of access!

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Case ① : An IC chip design company located in Hsinchu

Case ② : A mobile phone/tablet OEM company located in Taipei

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