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    All documents within VDP “Virtual Isolating Documents to Prevent Possible Leaks”

VDP (Virtual Disk Protection) utilizes proprietary technology in virtual disk isolation to provide a solution to the need of enterprises in protecting various kinds of internal documents, especially R&D design files with unique format or program files which could be damaged. Furthermore, it can protect existing web application system without the need for system integration. The special thing is that while protecting the company’s important data, it can also proactively defend against the attacks of ransomware at the same time!

  • Multi-Format Protection Mechanism

    Able to implement access safety control and management for various documents, picture files, webpage contents, and source codes, providing protection mechanism for the original files and programs.

  • Expanded Scope of Protection

    Set up virtual isolated protection zone for the company’s internal endpoint disk area (for either PC or notebook), file server, web application system, and personal cloud network attached storage (NAS).

  • Easy to Integrate

    Without the need for API integration, it can integrate with existing web application systems to protect the web page content and downloaded document and file data on the application system.

  • Encrypted Protection of Secure Disk Area

    The local end uses virtual disk area encryption technology to set up a secured isolation area. Through AES 256 bits encryption on the file I/O, there is no need to encrypt files and avoid the issue of damaging files due to encryption. It also provides effective access control through entry-only access of secure area files, balancing security and efficiency.

  • 4-Stage Protection, Control, and Management of Secure Area

    Scan the computer for specific file formats and relocate them to the secure area within the local end. You can also set up the system where files generated by designated application files are forcefully stored into the secure area. In addition, you can control actions taken with files in the secure area such as copy, print, screenshot, or decrypting and export. Finally, it also offers the function of remote backup for the secure area to ensure data safety.

  • Inaccessible to Ransomware

    By setting up a virtual disk area (such as R drive) at the local end within the company, only legal users will be able to see and access the virtual isolation protection area created within the internal file server, web application system, and personal cloud. Ransomwares will have no clue on its whereabouts.

  • Outgoing Document Protection

    If there is a need to dispatch documents or files within the secure area to outside destinations, protective measures can be implemented for the various outgoing file formats by complementing with TrustView ODP.

  • Mobile Device Support

    Including Android and iOS platforms

  • Diagram of VDP system Structure

❶ Set up a secure area at the server end and an encrypted disk area at the client end.

Create a secure tunnel between the server end and the client.

 At this time, the file on the server end can only be saved to the client’s secure area via the secure tunnel.

User will be unable to move files which are located inside the encrypted disk area to non-secure areas (other disks or drives not within the encrypted disk area, servers at non-secure areas, etc.) via email, applications, or programs.


  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 Standard above
  • Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5/6/7
  • Cent OS 5/6/7

TrustServer Specification (300 USERS)

  • Intel® Xeon® Processor 3000 Sequence above
  • 4GB RAM above
  • 10 GB of available hard disk space


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3 Standard、Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Workgroup、Standard、Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Workgroup、Standard、Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard、Business Intelligence、Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle 8i、9i、10g、11g、12c


  • Windows XP Professional, Enterprise (SP3 above、x86 above)
  • Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate (SP1 above、x86、 x64)
  • Windows 8.1 Professional, Enterprise (x86, x64)
  • Windows 10, Professional, Enterprise (x86, x64)

VDP Client Agent Specification

  • 2GB RAM or above
  • Recommend 150MB or above for installation
  • VDP depending on the size of the virtual HDD, it is recommended to reserve 20GB.
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